Forming Die Life / Punch Life



  • Check fluid concentrations to make sure within recommended ranges of supplier
  • Check fluid for contamination to minimize tramp oil
  • Keep tramp oil to 3% or less unless recommended by supplier
  • Check fluid pH to be within guidelines
  • Adjust to within ranges as recommended by supplier
  • Check fluid for biological odors
  • If fluid is rancid, Contact Supplier for recommendations)
  • Check fluid for circulating dirt or debris
  • If fluid is “dirty”, check filtration
  • Check fluid to insure that the metalworking fluid has not “split”
  • Leave fluid sit for a few hours in clear jar and observe
  • Check fluid for ion components
  • Typically, these tests must be done at your Supplier’s lab


  • Check tooling for correct hardness, metallurgy and coating
  • Check punch wear for consistent wear pattern
  • Check springs for wear
  • Make sure hydraulics of the press are properly set


  • Make sure fluid is properly delivered properly at the correct concentration, at the correct spot and is delivered at the correct film thickness
  • Make sure coil straightener is working properly
  • Make sure dies and punches are not off center or traveling too fast
  • Check die clearances – too tight can cause galling
  • Check hold down pressure – too low can cause wrinkling, too high – tearing
  • Make sure slug evacuation is adequate

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